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Multi Fold

Our Multi Panel Sliding doors have been engineered and rigorously tested to years of dependable service.

The JUS Multi Panel Sliding Folding Doors are very functional and combine sturdy build with a modern design which prove ideal for door systems with wider openings.

Our Multi Panel Sliding doors have been engineered and rigorously tested to years of dependable service.

Ideal Applications Include
Key Features
High Speed
Low Profile Operators
Manual Release
Full Safeties
Highly Configurable Glass
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Why are multi fold doors better than swing doors?

As a rule of thumb, the larger the space, the more panels you’ll need for a clear, easy opening. Swing doors just aren’t feasible beyond conventional single panel doors in domestic or commercial buildings. If you want large doors that open quickly, easily and without getting in the way, multi-fold doors are the way to go.

What should I keep in mind before purchasing multi fold doors?

The most important consideration is space. Multi fold doors are ideal for loading bays, garages, hangars and workshops because these spaces usually need wide, clear openings for vehicles to enter and exit with ease, and often quickly. Multi fold sliding doors like the ones we make at JUS Doors don’t take up a lot of room when completely stacked, allowing for unobstructed access at all times. And no matter what size you decide to go with, these doors open in 5 seconds flat.

multifold doors

Are multi fold doors safe?

At JUS Doors, we’ve been making top quality four-fold, hangar and custom doors for decades, and every single door that we fabricate is thoroughly tested and put through rigorous safety trials. All our doors are designed to meet UL325 Anti-Entrapment Compliance, with features such as:

  • Lead Edge Sensors
  • Exterior Photo Sensors
  •  Interior Presence Sensor


You also have the option to include customizable additional presence sensors, warning lights and sirens.

All our doors are also manufactured and fabricated entirely in the USA, and we export them to clients all over the country and even in Canada and Mexico.

What Are Some Key Features on The JUS Multi-Fold Doors?

Our multi-panel sliding folding doors are made with state-of-the-art materials and are designed for a wide array of functions. You can even custom-make doors that are built specifically for your needs. But off the bat, you can expect some of these JUS guarantees:

Ease of use

Our products come with detailed manuals that guide you through every step of the way, right from operation to (if it ever comes down to it) troubleshooting. Our team is also always on standby to help you with any questions or doubts.


High Speed Doors

No matter how many panels you need for your sliding doors, you can expect to have them fully open in just 5 seconds. Our doors are amazingly easy to maneuver and are designed to be as unobstructive as possible.


Manual Release

Our doors come with a standard low-level manual release function for user override. This ensures you’re in complete control at all times.


Low Profile Operators

We mount door operators directly onto the panel to not just make the overall appearance aesthetically pleasing, but also for better functional efficiency and operating ease.


Configurable Glass

Built exactly to your specifications, our panel glass is one of the most versatile features of our multi fold doors. From standard glazing to custom arched reveals—tell us what you need, and we’ve got you covered.


For more information on JUS Doors or any of our four-fold, multi fold or bottom rolling steel doors, call us on (888) 510-5331 or visit our contact page for a free quote. We look forward to working with you!

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